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Welcome to my website! My name is Boris KaŤan and I am a freelance photographer from Zadar, Croatia. Actually I was born many miles away from here , in Sydney , Australia . Some day I might go back there to shoot some photos , too. The beauty of nature, breathtaking landscapes , architectural achievements and travel impressions are the targets I am focused on when I am working. In my large portfolio you can discover images from every part of Croatia and from some foreign countries like Austria, Slovenia etc., too. Storm chasing, bird watching, wave riding Ė there isnít much I didnít take picture of. It requested thousand hours of work and patience to catch the right moment and it didnít matter to me if I needed to hike, dive, run, drive or fly , I just did my best to get the perfect picture of our beautiful planet. These amazing calming photos took me a lot of energy and time, and also a significant amount of money , but I never gave up looking for a beauty presenting itself around us and it all paid back to me time after time. Images are sorted in GALLERIES, all images are TAGED for easy searching. I made also MAPS-GOOGLE combined with tags for easier searching by geographic location.